M-Edge Genuine Leather Jacket For Sony Readers PRS-505 and PRS-700

This Dandy Gadget: Offered full device protection for yourSony reader PRS-505 and PRS-700 in a plush padded case, M-Edge unveiled three model genuine leather jacket, Executive Jacket, Leisure Jacket, and Platform Jacket for both Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700. Keeping your Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700 under protection in stylish and elegant jacket, cool and dandy, right?

This new executive jacket model integrates seamlessly with M-Edge e-Luminator, so it will solve the problem for you while you are reading in low-light condition. As note, Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700 doesn’t have a built-in lighting system. Meanwhile, the leisure jacket offers you a stylish, a read-through, clear vinyl cover, protecting your Sony Reader against moisture, dirt, dust and sand. If you want to read your e-book in your Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700 in handfree with bookstand mode, you can choose the Platform Jacket models. This Platform Jacket model is offered in genuine leather and will come in 12 vibrant cover.

M-Edge executive jacket is available now at $29.99. M-Edge leisure jacket will be available in summer 2009 at MSRP $29.99. And M-Edge platform jacket will be available later this summer at MSRP $39.99. [Dandy Gadget Source]