Me, Dandy Gadget, and Steve Jobs!

Who am I? Who’s Dandy Gadget? We are both nothing, and not important to be discussed. I’m just a blogger, not great one, but still exist. And Dandy Gadget is my blog. Through the articles on my blog, I know Steve Jobs a little bit.

Honestly, I’m not his fan and more than that I’m not an Apple’s fan boy either. When he passed away, a lot of bloggers discussed about him on their blog, got my attention. I read some of them. Those opened my eyes why everyone loved him, why everyone wanted to be his rival, why everyone admired him.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and former Apple’s CEO, was a great man, a revotionary man, and an icon of infinite spirit. Through his hands, he had showed us Macbook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and others. He changed the way of life of people around the world to become better.

He has done his jobs, his duty on Earth, he was too tired. Now he is going to up there, either heaven or hell or life after life. Although we don’t want to, but surely I, we all will follow you soon, could be this night, could be tomorrow morning, and could be next week or next year to the place like you said, destination we all must share to taste the great iCloud service of God.

This’s from me, from Dandy gadget, “Steve Jobs, you are a great man. We will always remember you”.