Microsoft Windows 8i OS Tablet PC — This is a Mission Impossible at CES 2011

Now another try from Microsoft to reveal the real tablet PC based on Windows version. The company will introduce a new windows-based slate computer at CES 2011. A new Microsoft tablet is designed in unique and slick keyboard that slide out from below. I hope it’s not another crop device like what Microsoft showed at last CES 2010.

Here, right now I don’t really care which company will be Microsoft’s partner to manufacture the device. Let’s talk about the design. The slider keyboard, wow it’s fantastic, but also question me much. Is the slider keyboard only a complement? I mean it only help us for not to buy more accessories for easy typing. In fact, that device according to rumor will use Windows 8, a full OS, much people including my self assume that the slider keyboard is only a cover to cloud the lack of OS in respond the multitouch interaction.

Ok, I am trying to be neutral in this case. The information is still unclear whether a new tablet will be operated by Full OS (I don’t want to say Windows 8). Are the Redmond’s man with big salary (whom by everybody called  clever)so stupid that they cannot read this situation and still pushing a full OS on tablet PC? I don’t think that they are stupid or think slowly but why they don’t expand their Windows mobile to be Tablet OS. It’s more logical and easier.

Lets gathering the information piece by piece and think outbox. Redmond’s man are not stupid, new tablet will use Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to catch the Apple in tablet meanwhile they also want stay-top on desktop OS. How to connect them? Those stunned me in right place. Well, I’m thinking… how about story is lying like this: “Microsoft is entering the zone of mission impossible for creating one-way-stop OS for all device”. Not Windows 8 but Windows 8i (i refers to impossible). Funny, yes it is.

Wake up, am I dreaming? Ok, lets all of us go to dream land where Windows mobile OS’s DNA injected the Windows desktop OS and be some kind of angel OS. In there when we want to install the OS , the interface of Windows 8i will offer us three option: For desktop, tablet, and mobile. One more time, it’s a mission impossible. I think Microsoft need Tom Cruize to accomplish the mission.

Despite true or not Microsoft will use a desktop OS on its tablet, Hopefully Balmer doesn’t do or announce anything stupid at CES 2011. This CES is his last opportunity. Catching the Apple iPad 2? [Dandy Gadget Source]