Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV Green Passenger Car

For you who want to know what this new 100% electric car of Mitsubishi, MINICAB MiEV can do, it seems Mitsubishi will demo it at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2011? at Yokohama, Japan.

Using Toshiba SCiB battery like have been reported before, the MINICAB MiEV car is likely to achieve a 100 miles range with 4 hours charging time (not sure). I am not sure also when the car is in maximum load condition impacts the range achieving to be lower.

Anyway as it’s green car, we must give applause to Mitsubishi to what he done to make the Earth greener. Back to crucial chapter, the price! the MINICAB MiEV passenger car is expected to hit Japanese market this year in around 2 million yen or it’s about $24,727. [Dandy Gadget Source]