Modern Front Looking in Classic Design! SKODA VisionD Sporty Car

When I’m looking on the headlights of this upcoming SKODA car, VisionD, it remembered me to the eyes of a transformer robot.  I’m not so sure which one, but it looks like cool to me. I love its front design. I know some of you have opposite opinion.

Overall, this new car is made in a classic design with long wheelbase and short overhangs. Based on the images, Skoda adds modern style into the car by bringing front-to-back glass-curved cover. The combination between classic and modern style takes this car to the field of sporty car, is worthy enough to be waited.

Unfortunately, there is no other detail about this SKODA VisionD. This car is likely set to have a little expensive, more expensive if you include the girl above into package. 2012 or 2013? [Dandy Gadget Source]