More Close to Joystick Than Mouse, the SpacePilot PRO

This Dandy Gadget: Designed to fully interact with 3D environments, 3Dconnexion has unveiled its latest mouse, the SpacePilot Pro. At glance, its looking is closer to a joystick than a mouse, what do you think? You see, there is a LCD workflow assistant display your application such as Microsoft Outlook e-mail, calendar and task list,but you can custom this application according to your need.

In addition, this 3D mouse features also advanced MCAD navigation, intelligent function keys, that are showed around the main cursor. Thanks to superior comfort of this gadget, you can position your hand in relation to the controller cap to support a balanced workflow and allows for fingertip control with minimal effort from your arm, wrist and hand, while frequently used commands are conveniently positioned at your fingertips, usable with either hand.

Being a pilot of your own computer with 3DConnexion SpicePilot Pro 3D mouse is not as cheap as you think, the device will cost you $499. It’s a large money man. Note, this gadget is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Sun Solaris 8 (SPARC), Sun Solaris 10 (x86), and Linux (Redhat Enterprise Linux WS 4, SuSE 9.3 or later). I want one, you?? [Dandy Gadget Source]