More Color Has Added to MSI Wind Netbook U100 Vogue

This Dandy Gadget: Making a beautiful looking have to spend a lot of time for MSI to meet your need. Now, MSI has launched a new color of Wind U100 Vogue, wind for love. Calculate to the olds, there are four colors now available, white, romantic pink, empire black, and wind of love. Hopefully, you like this Wind Netbook U100 Vogue more.

As display, this new netbook “Wind of Love” comes with a MSI logo and flow line at cover. I think it represent as the wind. I hope, I’m right about it. In addition, it features Intel  Atom processor (1.6GHz), 10-inch widescreen LCD display, 160GB HDD Sata, led power saving backlight technology, magnifying glass feature, and wireless network capable to satisfy your need on notebook.

Although, MSI Wind Netbook U100 Vogue is not the lightest, but 1 kg weight is a considerable. The price is set at $612.99.