Morgan Plus E Concept, A Retro Sports Car!

Not everybody love modern look on a sports car. There are lot of there still dream having an Al Capone’s car. Morgan, a car manufacturer that adheres to a classic car, is showing their new electric sports car concept, called “Plus E” at GMS 2012 to tease your hunger to a classic look car with the latest green technologies.

The chassis of this new concept car is based on the 2012 Morgan Plus 8, but have been modified by the Rapshape to enable the chassis to carry the batteries without sacrifice the safety and the comfortable of the passengers. In short, this modified chassis could bring the top grade driving experience on the road.

The Plus E comes with rear-wheels drive system through a conventional five-speed manual gear box and is powered by Zytek ‘s 70kW 300Nm electric engine. According to Morgan, although this car still has the clutch on, you enable to run this classic sports car like a conventional automatic when coming to rest and pulling away.

I’m not so sure, this electric sports car concept, Morgan Plus E, will be on the road or not. At least, we see that Morgan has a will to concern more on green technologies, right? I love classic’s things.