MSI X-Slim X600 Notebook

This Dandy Gadget: MSI announced its MSI X-Slim X600 along with X-Slim X400 notebook. As always in X-slim family, this one is also designed in slim, sleek,and stylish design. If X-Slim X400 doesn’t enough satisfy your taste while you are watching your movie, you need a bigger one than 14-inch screen. this laptop could release your need, it contains 15-inch 16:9 theater-class LED screen.

As X-Slim family, this thin notebook also features Intel Core 2 Solo ULV Processor, adopt external ODD drivers and 4 cell battery. But, optionally you can bring it with 9 cell Long-endurance battery. Unlike X-Slim X400, this gadget comes equipped with a discrete graphic card to maximize visual performance.

MSI X-Slim X600 notebook is compacted less than one inch thin, and only 2.1 kg. The price tag is > X-Slim X400 = unknown and will be expected to bang the market at second quarter of 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]