Naruto Characters on Fashion

This Dandy Gadget: Are you fan of Naruto Series? Lalabit Market will cover your tasty on Naruto items by unveiling new Naruto series character fashion: Tshirt, knit cap, bag, and whirlpool. Those new Lalabit market‘s things will line well with your daily style.

Naruto Tshirt has 100% cotton, 130cm Size / Length 53cm, 39cm, sleeve length 14cm. whirpool is 10cm diameter and 5cm height with cotton polyester silicon material. Naruto bag is About vertical 37cm, next to about 40cm, about 15cm Mathivat with polyester material. And Naruto knit cap is 29cm height and 28cm wide, cotton 96% and PU 4% material.

Naruto Tshirt is available in two colors: red,orange which has $ 29.99 price. The price of Naruto Bag is $23.99, Naruto Whirlpool is $20.99, and Naruto knip caps is $23.99. Those cute things are expected to hit Japanese market in late December 2008 or early 2009.

Have a nice meeting with your characters : Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and others! Anyway, I love Naruto, he is cute, and I hate Sasuke.