Native Union Play Video Memo Pad, Make it Quick!

Three minutes? By carrying a 256MB built-in memory, Native Union Play video memo pad is only capable to deliver a 3 minutes video message. If you have six family members and want to send a memo to all of them, you should arrange around half minutes video message on each. So, make it quick!

However, your short memo will be told clearly on 2.4-inch color display. As it’s your face who tell the story, the short one is not problem at all to describe your message to its matter to your receiver. It’s also coming with a strap and magnetic wall tape pad. It makes easier for you to carry or mounted to everywhere at your home. Plus, your receiver will recognize quickly if there is a message as the LED message indicator will flash its light brightly.

Powered by three AAA batteries that supports up to 40 days standby or 30 minutes video playback, Native Union Play video memo pad is expected to be shipped globally in late September 2011 for MSRP GBP 49.99 in five cute colors: green, pink, blue, purple, red, white and black. See the demo at IFA 2011 [Dandy Gadget Source]