Nearly Indestructible Micro SD Cards

When you think about it, it’s incredible how much you can store on a modern memory card. A Micro SD card is smaller than a finger nail but can be used to store 1,000s of photos. The only problem is that all this important data in a tiny device can be quite vulnerable.

Thankfully Memory Card Zoo has a range of Samsung Micro SD Cards which can take all kinds of punishment.

First of all, the cards are shock-resistant. If you attack it wildly with a hammer it will most likely break the card but that’s not likely to happen in day-to-day use. More likely situations are dropping your card, having someone step on it or having something heavy placed on top of it. The Samsung Micro SD takes all of these situations in its stride. It can even survive being run over by a car!

A problem of the digital age is magnets damaging data. Due to the clever design of these cards, magnets and airport x-ray machines won’t cause any problems with your files.

Finally a common hazard for memory cards is water. Lose grip of your card over a cup of tea and you can say goodbye to collection of music. As you might have guessed from the tone of this article, that isn’t the case with these cards since they are water-resistant and can hold their breath for some time underwater.

Memory Card Zoo offer the Samsung memory cards up to 8GB. The data transfer rate is 4MB/s which isn’t the quickest around but is still fast enough for HD video recording. In the non-Samsun range, they have up to 32GB Micro SD cards from various well-known brands such as Sandisk. Shipping is available worldwide at reasonable prices.