New Casio Baby-G Series Lady Watches, BGD-1100 and BGD-1110

This Dandy Gadget: Two new series of Casio Baby-G, the BGD-1100 and BGD-1110 look so pretty, making me remember about my beautiful teacher. Damn, I am not yet give her a gift for her birthday, maybe I should give one of them, or both. Unluckily they will be in Japan.. so far away from my land.

This new Baby-G watches feature a radio receiver, world world time 48 cities, stopwatch, times, alarm, compacted in 41.4×34.8×11.7mm with 39g mass, and powered by tough solar.

For you who still remain in Japan, the BGD-1100 and BGD-1110 are the first woman watches in Baby-G series. The price of the BGD-1100-4JF and BGD-11007JF in white and pink color are 19,950 yen tax included and available in May 31 2009, and the BGD-1110-1JF has 21,000 yen tax included, and will be available in June 30 2009. As note, Casio only produces 1,000 unit of each model. [Dandy Gadget Source]