New Face of Seiko SRH011P1 Kinetic Direct Drive Watch

This Dandy Gadget: This new Seiko SRH011P1 has a new natural looking. Like you see, the great differences between old SRH01P1 and new one are on the bracelet and the color of dial. The old SRH01P1 has a steel bracelet and also purely white dial, but in this new model has leather bracelet and grey dial with black bordered.

Settlement of yarn embroidery around leather makes bracelet more pure and brighter color. It gives the taste what a watch should man has.

Meanwhile the operations and specification the two of them is the same. As kinetic direct drive watch,  the SRH011P1 is powered by movement of our body. The option to change the time is by hand winding the crown. And so, most of other parts are similar, 10bar water resistant, sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel/urethane, screw case back. The price is set at $995.99.