New HP ZR Series Backlit IPS Monitors, More than 1 Billion Colors!

It’s the first HP’s 27-inch diagonal monitor, ZR2740w, that boasts more than 1 billion colors performance. Along with ZR2740w, HP also unveiled other three ZR series monitors: ZR2440w (24-inch), ZR2240w(21.5-inch), ZR2040(20-inch). All monitors are bringing light-emitting diode (LED) backlights and IPS technology.

Coupled by sRGB-class color gamuts, they deliver clear-smooth color transition images with ultra wide viewing angles in higher contrast ratio compared to twisted nematic technology monitors. It’s pretty sure that new monitors could serve your browsing or video editing in eyes-friendly display.

Plus, the monitors (not including ZR2040w) equip an adjustable stand and back mounting. It gives you more options on the way of placing the monitors. And they also are rated ENERGY STAR 5 (not including ZR2740w). They are green devices, right?

Most of New HP ZR Series Backlit IPS monitors are going to hit market in this month in MSRP $189 (ZR2040w), $289(ZR2240), and $729 (ZR2740w). Meanwhile, HP ZR2440w will enter the market later in October 2011 in MSRP $429. I always love big screen, how about you? [Dandy Gadget Source]