New LG Full HD Flicker-Free CINEMA 3D Monitors

Don’t you see the new monitors are awarded certified to be “Flicker-Free”? With naked eyes, I can see that the two new LG CINEMA 3D monitors, D41P and D42P have received “Flicker-Free” certification (I mean the girl who hold the monitor).

Bringing LG’s new Film Patterned Retarder(FPR) 3D technology, both new 3D monitors offers you a brighter, clearer, purer, and “Flicker-Free” pictures in 1920×1080 resolution display. Thus, you ables to watch your 3D contents in long periods without having dizziness and nausea.

Back to the models, LG unveiled only one new model in D41P (D2341P, 23-inch) and three models in D42P(D2242P-21.5″, D2342-23″, D2542P-25″). In addition, all models features 250nits (2D), 100nit(3D), 5M:1 contras ratio, 5ms response time, and HDMI interface included for D42P models only.

New LG CINEMA 3D monitors have been rolled out in Korean market and is expected to hit European market in June 2011. As to be mentioned, those are not glasses-free 3D monitor. So you still need a 3D glasses. Did I mention 2D to 3D conversion?[Dandy Gadget Source]