New WaterLogic Firewall Purifying Kitchen Tap

I don’t kid you, every years according to Candian Medical Association Journal 90 Canadian die because of drinking contaminated water. That why, you need new WaterLogic Firewall Tap to guarantee that you are drinking pure water.

Packed in a very stylish portable design of black/brushed metal finish, the Firewall Tap can be placed anywhere in the kitchen as your kitchen ornament. More, it is displayed with  easy-clean touch screen controls.

Achieving 99.9999% purification for drinking water at the point of dispense is making me feel safe to drink my morning coffee (but it need another gadget to boil the water) and tell the world that I’m ready to rock. For you to know, this gadget is the first gadget of its type that has both P231 and NSF55a WQA standards.

And the end, I must tell you this: I don’t know its price. You should contact WaterLogic by yourself for digging more about its Firewall Tap, sorry. [Dandy Gadget Source]