Nina Ricci N030 Ladies Watch

This Dandy Gadget: From old times until this moment here, most of poets describe a girl with a moon in their creation. How about if a girl and a moon together what they will be? They will be come a Nina Ricci N030 ladies watch. Shaping in unique design, its main body looks like a crescent with an outside ring. At glance, it’s a Leontine with strap, crown and dial than a timepiece.

More unique thing in this lady watch is every single watch of N030 can be in vary display in main surface, dial, strap and also in other parts. You can select according to your style. When you use this gadget on your hand, it could be difficult to meet someone with  the exact combination like your watch. So, Nina Ricci N030 is making you more you. In addition, N030 watch is designed with steel and polished, but also available with PVD coated rose gold finish or decorating with diamond and used Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

When Nina Ricci N030 watch landing in your wrist ladies, just make sure that your husband is a rich man. Cause it will say an unbelievable price but more than enough for satisfying your life style and fashion. Don’t forget about time, and don’t forget also to cosmetic yourself. [Dandy Gadget Source]