Nokia C2-03 Dual-SIM Smartphone, Want to be a Pro Playboy?

A playboy is a hard career (at least for me).  It’s not easy to play heart games. Beside charming, the pro playboy need a right tool to smoothly run his play. A new touch Dual-SIM smartphone from Nokia, Nokia C2-03, will be suit for it.

Nokia C2-03 smartphone is not a common Dual-SIM phone. The new phone enables to store up to 5 cards setting. By placing the SIM slot at the side, you don’t need to remove the battery and do re-setting for the new SIM cards as well. Just simply insert your new SIM, the new number is ready to be use without need to reboot the phone. So the changing operation will be done in second. It helps you much for easy control up to four girls, each of them will have her own private number, right?

Regarding to its specs, Nokia C2-03 smartphone features a 240 x 320 pixels touchscreen display, a 10MB built-in memory, a memory card slot up to 32GB, a 2MP camera, and preloded with Nokia Maps for Series 40 and Nokia Browser for Series 40. Meanwhile, the battery is able to support up to 5 hours talk time.

Fashioned in 103(L) x 51.4(W) x 17(H)mm and 118g with slide keypad design, Nokia C2-03 is expected to hit India, China, SEAP, Eurasia, and MEA in Q3 2011 (along with Nokia C2-02 and C2-06) for 77 Euros (not include tax yet). Are you a pro playboy? [Dandy Gadget Source]