Nokia N700 Touch Monoblock Smartphone, the World’s Most Compact!

It’s a rare thing to NOKIA to mentioned “world’s thing” in its latest product. But not for this one, a new Smartphone which powered by Symbian Belle OS, N700, is announced with the title the world’s most compact touch monoblock Smartphone.

I’m not so curious with the Symbian Belle OS or “world’s most”. What I’m looking here is the NOKIA regain its confident to launch mid-low devices such: N700. Will the N700 bring the Nokia back to the ring? Not sure about this, it seems Android devices is already a king in the gadget world (feel free to comment if you don’t agree).

In addition, Nokia N700 Smartphone features a 3.2-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display, a 2GB built-in memory which you can expand through microSD card slot up to 34GB, a 5 MP rear camera that capture 720p HD video at 30fps, 1 GHz processor, NFC, A-GPS, a 3.5mm audio connector, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0.  Plus, most of its component uses eco materials. It is a green device. See, Nokia still cares our Earth.

Nokia N700 Smartphone is expected to hit market in five colors: cool grey, silver/white, coral red, peacock blue, and purple. Unfortunately, there is no official information yet about its price tag nor its availability. Just stay tune, Nokia will announce the complete info soon (not sure). [Dandy Gadget Source]