Nooka Zub 40 Teen Watch, Fresh-Fashionable Digital Watch!

Nooka? Is it a branch company under Nokia? They have similar company name and logo, aren’t they? I don’t really care about that. Here, if you are after something like iPod Nano that having a real timepiece in mind, this new Nooka watch, Zub 40, is one of options you should eye closer.

Nooka Zub 40 watch is coming with interchangeable bands. It means you can part its bands from its main body and choose which color suits you more based on your taste. However, it’s a timepiece not music player, so it doesn’t have any ability to sound your song like your iPod Nano.

On its 40 mm square unique case and powered by 32,768Hertz Quart crystal oscillation frequency, it shows time like traditional digital watch accurately. The main large window displays hours in AM/PM mode, the minute is indicated by the horizontal bar and second in smaller window.  Those give this new digital watch a techo sense. Plus, it also brings chronograph and alarm along. No doubt, It’s a perfect fresh-fashionable digital watch for you who want to stay on teen lifestyle and nowadays technology.

With 3ATM water resistance, Nooka Zub  40 watch is available now for $100 in four models Zub Zoo BK 40 (black), Zub Zoo FR 40 (red), Zub Zoo CG 40 (green) and Zub Zoo WT 40 (white). Did I mention a stainless steel back case? [Dandy Gadget Source]