Not Sony PSP 4000 but Sony PSP Go Slider PlayStation Portable

This Dandy Gadget: After Sony PSP 1000 then 2000 then 3000, I guessed that the upcoming version of this device would be Sony PSP 4000. But I think my guess was wrong. A lot of website wrote that the upcoming gadget will have code name Sony PSP Go, not a confirmed news. Still I hope my guess will come true.

According to the image, Sony PSP Go console is a slider screen gaming console.  Arrow button is placed in left bottom and action button in right bottom, between them there are a start and a select button.  Like its predecessor, I think Sony PSP Go will also have a camera and can download games via online.

Sony PSP Go features 16GB built-in memory that you can expand with memory slot. And will be released at Fall 2009. Is this news true??? I hope I will get an answer at E3 Expo 2009. Not Sony PSP Go, But Sony PSP 4000?  [Dandy Gadget Source]