NU.M8, Children GPS Locator From Lok8u

This Dandy Gadget: Firefly has a competitor at CES 2009, Lok8u from UK. Lok8u has displayed its New GPS child locator, NU.M8 which is designed in digital watch.

It doesn’t look like Firefly products, flyPhone or glowPhone, right? It’s a watch, not a phone, and  is more simple. The main point of this NU.M8 is detecting the location of your child. And one more, when Nu.M8 is securely fastened to your child’s wrist it stays there unless deactivated by you.  You can therefore be assured that wherever Nu.M8 is, your child is.

If, in the worst case scenario, Nu.M8 is forcibly removed from the child’s wrist an alert is sent immediately to a designated mobile phone and/or email address with the child’s location to give parents an early warning of potential danger.

Moreover, NU.M8 features Water resistant to Ipx 7, battery sufficient for seven days in standby, live track functionality, metal reinforced rubber strap, and more.

Lok8u NU.M8 is having price £149.99 at UK (US retail price to be confirmed), plus a monthly subscription charge which varies according to the chosen tariff. See you at CES 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]