Panasonic HDC-SD700 SD Card HD Camcorder, The Lowest New 700 Series

This Dandy Gadget: Panasonic looks like a jet, make a fast move. They comes quickly with three new HD camcorder, be on top in 2010 camcorder market. Panasonic HDC-SD700 is the lowest version along other 700 series. It’s not supported by a built-in memory.

Despite of it, the HDC-SD 700’s technologies is equal to others two, contained 3MOS system, Full-HD 1920 x 1080 50 Progressive Recording, 35mm Wide-angle with 12x Optical Zoom of Leica Dicomar lens, and so on as much as HDC-HS700 or HDC-TM700 camcorder.

Using only SD card memory, directly reducing its weight, this new camcorder is the lightest HD camcorder among HDC-HS700 and HDC-TM700, 375g. Yet, it could be sold with free SD card memory in box. Fit your pennies and still can recording at full HD 1920x1080p image. It’s a cheapest but not a cheapy thing.

Scheduled to hit market in March 2010, Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD camcorder is focused to mid consumer, surely it will have an affordable price – balancing a fashion, function and price.