Panasonic HOSPI-Rimo Communication Assistance Robot [HRC 2011]

If there were a place in heaven for a robot, I recommend this Panasonic HOSPI-Rimo to be there. She has a funny looking on its LCD screen. Featuring the Hybrid control technology, a built-in camera, and HD Visual Communications System technology, she does good things in hospital by bridging smooth two-ways conversations of doctor and patient or patient and visitor.

At the case, your best friend is in hospital with serious ill that he cannot do anything even to pick up a phone. Probably his live is not longer than a day (hopefully not).  You have to make a visit, right? (he’s your best friend anyway). But you are at far away from the hospital. You couldn’t make it on time by riding your car, it’s too far.  What should you do?

If there is Panasonic HOSPI-Rimo robot near your friend’s room, you don’t have to be worried. You just need to call her. After she censored the environment around her, she will find her way to meet your friend. Then you can do a little chit-chat with your friend. After two or three words, hopefully your friend will be gone to another world in peace. (Amen..).

I guess, you want to know more about this robot, right? Panasonic will demo the prototype of HOSPI-Rimo robot along with new Hair-Washing Robot at HRC 2011, Tokyo. Is there really a place for robot in heaven? [Dandy Gadget Source]