Pentax Q Interchangeable Lens Camera, Pop-Up Flash!

Fashioned in compact size, 3.9(W) x 2.3(H) x 1.2(D) inches with 6.3oz mass, Pentax claims its new interchangeable lens camera, Pentax Q, is the world’s smallest and lightest camera in its category. With that size, you can hide the camera behind a playing card (just to show you more how small it is).

Smallest and lightest, perhaps that is the major chapter of Pentax Q campaign, but I’m interested more to the pop-up flash. In its compact design, Pentax Q shows an interesting built-in pop-up flash at left top. Unlike fixed flash, you enable to rotate or popup the flash to find the right light direction to  sync with your object and the light condition. Hence, you will have a better images.

In addition, Pentax Q camera is coming with a 12.4MP backlight CMOS sensor with SR, Pentax Q-mount lens system, a 3.0-inch HVGA LCD monitor, HDMI port, Bokeh control filter and more. The new camera enables to capture full HD 1080p resolution at 30fps as well as 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode. Meanwhile, the rechargeable Li-Ion battery can keep the Pentax Q to shoot up to 250 images.

Crafted with lightweight magnesium alloy body, Pentax Q camera is available now for pre-order in $799.95 and expected to hit US market in early Fall 2011. So you can buy 10 of Pentax Q with price of one Leica M9-P! [Dandy Gadget Source]