Philips AEA3100 Bluetooth Microphone and Receiver, Be the Next Michael Jackson?

When we are talking about music, the name of Michael Jackson should not stepped aside from discussion. He is, indeed, one of greatest singer on this planet, no doubt that many of us have voted him as an idol, please count me too, and dreaming that someday we can be the next of him. Well, if you have any talent, that is not only a dream, a new gadget from Philips, AEA3100, will guide your path to be the next Michael Jackson.

Philips-AEA3100-Bluetooth-Microphone-Receiver-iPad-StarMaker-Front-Center-Dandy-Gadget-Home-EntertainmentsPhilips AEA3100 is packaging with a Bluetooth detachable microphone and receiver. Simply by plugging the Bluetooth receiver to your i-Things: iPad – iPhone – iPod, and playing your Michael Jakson songs through StarMaker app, the microphone will clearly send your voice in display. The app will show you the right tone and rhythm of the song altogether with your voice and evaluate its ranking like using a pro studio. Whether you are success or not, it solely depends on your will and talent, this new gadget is only a tool.

As the receiver is so tiny, much tinier than the Bluetooth speaker of Philips AEA710, it means the AEA3100 is easier to be carried. So, you can polish your talent at anytime, anywhere. More, the detachable microphone enables you to express your style on stage like him.

Philips-AEA7100-Bluetooth-Speaker-Microphone-iPad-StarMaker-Detachable-Mic-Dandy-Gadget-Home-EntertainmentsThe release date and pricing
Philips AEA3100 Bluetooth speaker and receiver is going to hit market in March 2013 in MSRP $99.99. If you are in a rush to polish your talent to be the next Michael Jackson or other singer stars, you can do it at home through the AEA710, this gadget is available now at Philip channel and Apple store for MSRP $170. Are you the next Jacko?