Phoenix Gold iAMP-GM1 OEM Integrated Amplifier [CES 2011]

Designed in conjunction with the Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC), Phoenix Gold will introduce its Innovation Award winning i-Series “OEM integration”, iAMP-GM1 at CES 2011 which is using 800 watts, 6 channel amplifier and 10-inches high power subwoofer.

In addition, the iAMP-GM1 offers you the first fully integrated aftermarket mobile audio amplifier with full data-bus and a nearly plug and play painless installation. Thus, There are no wires to cut, no fishing for obscure wires and no additional band aids to wire up. Just simply by remove the stock amplifier, then plug in the iAMP-GM1 and the gadget will fully retains all OEM/stock functions such as steering wheel controls, Head-unit, On-star, Bluetooth, etc.

See closely at CES 2011, Phoenix Gold will gladly to story you about what the iAMP-GM1 is.