Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD Blu-ray Disc Player

This Dandy Gadget: Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. unveiled Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD Blu-ray Disc Player which is outfitted with expandable or built-in memory to deliver on the promise of BD-Live right out of the box and combine supreme features, sophisticated internal construction with a rigid chassis design ensuring the highest quality playback of Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD entertainment at CES 2009 for entertainment junkies who seek cinematic-quality performance along with a premium and unique user experience.

“In our relentless pursuit to envelop home audiences in their movie and music selections, Pioneer designed a new Blu-ray Disc player lineup that incorporates an extensive series of customization capabilities and best-in-class performance features that compliment consumers’ entertainment and installation needs,” said Chris Walker, senior manager of Blu-ray Disc marketing and product planning for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.”

The Elite BDP-23FD Blu-ray Disc Player features RS-232C interface, KURO Link Picture mode, and Precision Quarts Lock System(PQLS) Multi Channel. Also it provides premier picture and sound quality.

The price of Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD is not announced yet, but it will begin shipping in summer 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]