Pixela PRD-LH132B 3D PRODIA TV, the First 3D Model!

As the 3D will be the main role in coming gadgets, Pixela is trying their luck by unveiling a new 3D model in its PRODIA TV line, PRD-LH132. The new 3D TV is containing a new technology which combining the active-shutter and polarization mode.

Pixela said using that technology; PRD-LH132B could deliver fast 3D images in brighter and flicker-free in full HD resolution on its 32-inch size LED-backlit LCD. Plus, you can rotate the monitor up to 178 degree to adjust with your position viewing. In addition, it also features a video input, HDMI, USB 2.0, LAN, SD card slot for extending your ability for recording or connecting to other devices.

Fashioned in 75.5 (W) x 52.8 (H) x 23.3 (D) cm, Pixela PRD-LH132B 3D PRODIA TV is expected to hit Japanese market in August 12 2011, bundled with 3D glasses in-box. The price is still unclear. [Dandy Gadget Source]