Play Your Games and Movies at Anywhere! Energy Sistem Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game

There are a lot of portable gaming consoles out there, but there is few of them that offering you a DVD optical drive, memory card slot and USB port. This new Energy Sistem DVD player, Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game, is providing all of that features above.

Yes, it’s not so portable, but it’s still compact to easily to be carried. With the integrated of the car kit, cute carry case, wireless gamepad and antishock system, you could play or watch your favorite games or movies smoothly at anywhere you want, even in your car on 9-inch 180-degree swivel TFT-LCD screen with 640 x 234 pixels.

If you don’t have time to use the DVD drive or USB port or memory card slot, you still can play ton of interesting games. It seems this game player has a built-in storage that keeping more than 60 games inside. As note, this new gaming device supports most of multimedia format and 32-bit games.

However, as its lithium battery is only able to support up to 3 hours, you should ready with your charging kit or slip an additional battery in your carry case to play more than 3 hours. In addition, it also brings AV output to connect the device to your big HDTV, headphone jack and 2 x 1.5W built-in speakers.

Finished in white color, Energy Sistem will release the Energy Mobile DVD D9 Wireless Game in April 14, 2012 for MSRP 139 Euro or around $182. Probably, the other colors will follow after the lunch.