PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming System, Extend Your Android Games!

At PAX PRIME 2012 two months ago, PowerA MOGA has received a lot of enthusiasms from visitors. The way of MOGA in leveling up Android tablet PC and smartphone by adding console-like gaming controller through Bluetooth connection has extend the enjoyment of Android games in mobile devices. You can see the image below, how a kid was so excited in playing his game using this MOGA.

Like a gaming console controller, the MOGA comes with dual analogue sticks, two shoulder buttons, four command buttons, and start/select buttons. It also features pin holder for holding your smartphone up to 3.2-inch. Simply by snapping your smartphone right into the pin holder, you will have a complete gaming console with your smartphone as its screen.

In term of design, it’s dressed in pocket size with stylish appearance and rubberized grip. It fits your fashion and hand for sure, as well as easy to be carried in creating game on anywhere. And according to company, the MOGA ensures you have a real gaming console experience in precise, fast response command.

More, the availability of MOGA Pivot app helps you to browse, and find the compatible Android games easily. As note, there are so many compatible Android games already such as The Dark Knight Rises HD, N.O.V.A. 3, Death Rally, and a lot more on upcoming list.

The release date and pricing
Dressed in 1.42(W) x 5.51(L) x 8.82(H)inch with 8 ounces, PowerA MOGA mobile gaming system is available now through Amazon, BestBuy, Wall Mart, at&t stores and others in MSRP $49.99. Did I mention it only supports Android 2.3 and higher mobile devices?