Powered by Solar, Logitech Wireless Keyboard K750

A new innovation from Logitech, a wireless keyboard which is using solar for dumping its power, K750. At least first problem in using wireless thing solved, battery. you don’t need to cash your money to buy an unnecessary batteries. Logitech said K750 can stay life in total darkness condition for three months.. Wows..that the dandy thing.

Fashioned in sleek design in only 1/3-inch thick with features Logitech Incurve keys that support the shape of your fingertips, this solar keyboard is not only powered by solar, but it also comfort your fingers while typing your stories. In addition, Logitech also included a solar power application that will display to you on your laptop or PC about thebattery level.

Logitech will release K750 to US and Europe marketplace in November 2010 for MSRP $79.99 US. But, it’s already available now for pre-order. Solar, Keyboard (dandy innovation) [Dandy Gadget Source]