Princeton JellyPen PSA-TPJ1, So Jelly Stylus!

So jelly, so candy, so cute, It’s a JellyPen anyway, right? The candy colors with flowers and beautiful patterns of this new Princeton stylus, JellyPen PSA-TPJ1, surely will take your eyes on it. More, its soft silicon material ensures the softest landing for your fingers when you are holding it. Undoubtedly, this stylus could become a favorite friend for your smartphone or tablet PC, such as your Galaxy Note.

It’s not only so cute. According to Princeton, this JellyPen is made to touch your smartphone‘s screen softly. So many often you use this stylus, your smartphone’s screen will be safe from scratching.

The release date and pricing
For you who are interested in this JellyPen, Pricenton will release it in May 11, 2012 at Japanese market for  1,480 yen or around 18.99 USD. Which one is your favorite color: blue (PSA-TPJ1BU), pink (PSA-TPJ1PK) or orange (PSA-TPJ1SA)?