Princeton PCA-DSC A4 Free PC Scanner

Do you know what I thought when the first time I see this gadget? Hot Dog, at glance Princeton PCA-DSC scanner looks like a big hot dog? (tell me if I’m wrong). This hot dog could scan your A4 documents or images into JPG or PDF format without any help from PC and store the result to your memory card or enable-USB-storage devices.

Coming with 8.25 inches color CIS sensor, the scanner delivers up to 300 dpi resolution. And only need 7 seconds to start the scanning process and 10 seconds to complete JPEG A4 size. For you to know, the gadget is powered by rechargeable battery, need two hours to get full charge. In full charge, it enables to scan up to 200 A4 size images.

Fashioned in 290.3 (W) x 72.6 (D) x 55.0 (H), and 664g (including battery), Princeton PCA-DSC scanner is expected to be available in Japanese market in mid-August 20011 for 14,800 yen. [Dandy Gadget Source]