Princeton PHD-25UA 2.5inch Portable HD

This Dandy Gadget: Dressed by heavy aluminum case and X-brand silicon jacket is making Princeton PHD-25UA  to be a 2.5inch portable HD that has a high durability. I don’t exactly know how high this gadget can be dropped without losing its function as data storage. But its X-brand silicon will prevent from a double shock as well as carrying case included is more making your data in safe condition.

How much data do you have? This portable HD can serve you an option up to 640GB. Featuring with one-click software backup, you can easily backup your laptop or PC data to this gadget via USB 2.0 interface. When you don’t need a large one, a 160GB option is your best choice. Badly, the device is not compatible with 64 bit Windows OS.

Packed in 132x79x15.1mm dimension and only 177g mass, Princeton PHD-25UA will be available in five capacities: 160GB(11,800 yen), 250GB (12,800 yen), 320GB (13,800 yen), 500GB (17,800 yen) and 640GB (19,800 yen) in Mid-October 2010 at Japan Market. Due the lack of laptop / PC power supply support is almost happen, Princeton launched also an AC adapter “PHD-25UA/AC”, is made specially for PHD-25UA portable HD that will be sold separately for 1,980 yen. [Dandy Gadget Source]