Qoros GQ3 Compact Sedan [GMS 2013]

Have you ever mention Chinese brand when talking about car? I believe not much of us, Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Opel, and other known brands are always be a focus, if there were, they often say it negatively: poor quality, poor materials, and so on. That was a long story. From now to next, we will be pushed to mention it frequently as one of Chinese car manufacturer, Qoros, is planning to shake automobile world.

Qoros-GQ3-compact-sedan-chinese-brand-side-left-dandy-gadget-automotivesThe company has taken serious steps, gathering all young talents from around the world who expert in and out of automobile to join their mission. The result, you can see an elegant compact sedan, GQ3. By exploiting Germany and East touch into its design, this new car‘s exterior looks so cool: the long wheelbase with 1839 mm horizontal lines – widest in its class, over-flank wide headlamps, three-strip eight-spoke alloy wheels, and strong rear appeal has successfully revealed young talents signatures in combining a taste of limousine and sporty car into a sedan.

Inside, the GQ3 comes with info-center on dashboard, replacing the traditional infotainment device with the latest technology of a touch screen device. It will give you a great enjoyment of driving experience with touch screen navigation, and other latest software as well as always stay on connected to outsider, right on screen or through your mobile devices. Combined with wide space cabin and arranged-well seats for providing a maximum safety, this car is ready to compete with other top brand cars in its class.

Lacking durability, easy broken? Don’t even think about it, this sedan has achieved top European and Chinese crash test testing. Indeed, it’s a promising car, however the logo looks too ugly to me, I’m not sure it’s only on my view or you are also feeling that way.

Qoros-GQ3-compact-sedan-chinese-brand-interior-seats-dandy-gadget-automotivesThe release date and pricing
Qoros GQ3 compact sedan is going to hit Chinese market first next year and followed by European market after. As it’s a Chinese car, hopefully it will come with so affordable price, right? If you want to see more detail about this car, you can see it closely at 2013 Geneva International Motor Show (GMS). Is it going to enter US?