Raviok’s “Blockmaster”, a Casual Game is Back

Casual games are easy to play (although it’s not that easy). No need to think hard, Playing a game for just to throw-away your fatique or boredom of something (or could be someone) in a little amount of time, casual games is the right choice. That’s why, most of folks love it.

More, if the game is Blockmaster from Raviok (assumed that you don’t hate a shooting game). With TPS (Top Perspective Shooting) and SD-form characters, you will more have eyes-catching area, your eyes are hard getting tired so you can play this games as long as you wish.

You can play Blockmaster with your friends up to 12 player per team in a designated map space. As I said it’s not that easy in early. The game also requires your ability to manage your character’s skill. There 10 spaces skill on your character with three skills from beginning and up according to your action. Basically, you need to knock down opponents as much as you can to gather points for raising your character’s skill.

There are three clans in Blockmaster: Big Boss, COld Papa, and Brr. Sadly, Raviok said there is no inter-clan fighting mode. A casual game is back, Do you think Blockmaster will bring back the golden era of casual game? [Dandy Gadget Source]