Renault FRENDZY Concept Car, Alien Van!

I’m very impressed with the interior of this new 100% electric concept car, FRENDZY.  Renault smoothly crafted the car based on the out-box-of-thinking. I prefer to say, Renault has think like what alien think in manufacturing car (maybe I’m over salute to them).

Simplicity inside, the front co-driver and back seats are enable to be converted into an empty space. No much accessories, there is only a dock for BlackBerry Pad which you can use as GPS navigator (I really don’t recommend you use this thing while you are moving). The techno comes more with a 37-inch wide screen sliding passenger door. So, you can gather your families outside the car and watch your favorite movie or use it to campaign your products.

Is this a van? It looks like a van, but alien van. Anyway, Renault FRENDZY electric car is powered by Lithium-ion batteries which produce 60HP and using direct drive with reverse transmission. The car can run up to 130 km/h with 226 Nm peak torque.

Fashioned in 1,420 kg, Renault FRENDZY is still unclear to when it will be available. It’s a concept. However, I guess the car is going to market in around late of next year, 2012. [Dandy Gadget Source]