Samsung ChromeBook Series 5 Netbook, Series 9 Soon!

Most of us  doubted the Samsung ChromeBook Series 5 netbook will survive at this day when tablet is getting its popular. My friend told me if just offering the fast surfing the web, who does need this new ChromeBook?

Maybe he was right. But keep in mind, what is your purpose exactly by having a tablet? Just for surfing the web, right? Open your your faceBook, or Twitter and do some chit-chat with your friends, right? Don’t kid me by saying it’s for work or gaming (you need more than just a tablet for that).

Powered by Chrome OS, an 1.66GHz Intel ATOM N570 processor, and 2GB DDR3, the Samsung ChromeBook Series 5 netbook delivers a fast booting with less than 10 seconds and instantly connect with your Wi-Fi or 3G network with support the latest web standard and Adobe Flash.

In addition, the ChromeBook netbook features  a 12.1-inch 1280×800 resolution LED LCD, a 16GB SSD, a 1MP HD webcam, Wi-Fi, and a 8280mAh 6 cell battery. Coupled with the latest Samsung’s battery technology, Samsung claimed the netbook gives you longer time and  lifetime battery.

Fashioned in 8.6(W)x0.08(H)x11.6(D)inch and less than 3.3lbs, the Samsung ChromeBook Series 5 netbook is expected to hit market in two colors: white and silver. And it will be available in two models: 3G for $429.00 and Wi-Fi for $499.00. The release date is still unknown yet. Rumored there will be ChromeBook series 9 (the premium version) soon, if the series 5 succeed.  [Dandy Gadget Source]