Samsung D9500 75-inch Large Full HD LED 3D Smart TV

The world’s largest 3D LED TV? With 75-inch size, no doubt this new Samsung D9500 3D Full HD LED TV is the one that ideal for that title, at least for right now (before other manufatures roll out  a larger size).

Anyway, this new Samsung 3D HDTV comes with a QWERTY flip remote control and SMART HUB features, to lets you easily connect to the net. It could be also controlled from your smartphone or tablet PC (not sure). In addition, the panel features a 240Hz refresh rate, edge lighting, and offering Full HD resolution 1080p.

Fashioned in “Secret Design”, Samsung D9500 75-inch 3D TV is expected to hit Korean market in 19 million won or around $17,550 in the end of this month (the girl is not included). However, this largest LED 3D TV still need 3D glasses. [Dandy Gadget Source]