Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski Edition Smartphone by Amosu Couture

The Galaxy S3 has made a big bang in smartphone world since it was rolled out by Samsung. A lot of folks, you, me and others are amazed by how smart this smartphone understanding its user behavior.  And we will get more wow, as the world’s most prestigious luxury mobile company, Amosu, released the world’s first Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski edition recently.

With 500 blue or white Swarovski diamonds on its bezel and 16 white Swarovski crystallized  elements on its home button, this new luxurious dress, had made the Galaxy S3 become an awesome smartphone to fit your high lifestyle, from party to a meeting with a president.

To complete the luxurious taste whilst also keeping the gadget safe, it also comes with Amosu Couture Calf leather case.

The release date and pricing
I love it, of course, want to have it, yeah, but this Swarovski edition smartphone is not for me. The £ 2099 price tag is not ordinary people like me can afford. Do you really want to order it? Amosu surely will gladly serve you.