Samsung Haptic Pop SCH-W750 Smartphone, SOS Function!

This Dandy Gadget: It’s no secret that the global economic crisis has caused an increase in the number of crimes. That why, Samsung unveiled this new smartphone, named as Haptic Pop SCH-W750 which has SOS function to prevent its owner from bad things.

Likely, this phone is made for you who have female sex, I think. It’s concluded from the present colors, girly colors. More, only girls who need a protection, right?. SOS function allows you to activate an emergency loud siren, as well as to initiate the delivery of text messages on a pre-specified number. The phone issued the specified message along with the coordinates of the scene.

In addition, the SCH-W750 works on GSM 900/1800/1900, WCDMA, HSDPA, and HSDPA 2100.  And it features a 3.2-inch touch display with a 240×432 dots resolution, a 3MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera, Bluetooth, microSD card reader, and so on. Meanwhile, the built in battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh and provides 180 minutes of work in a call, or 410 hours of operation in standby mode.

Fashioned in 115(W) x 55(H) x 13(D) mm and 110,1g mass, Samsung Haptic Pop SCH-W750 smartphone will be available at Korean market soon. [Dandy Gadget Source]