Samsung HMX-F90 HD Camcorder, What’s New?

Honestly, I didn’t get any track about this new camcorder, HMX-F90, at Samsung UK site. However, many sites are talking about it hotly. Assuming this story is real, so, what’s new of this camcorder compared to its predecessor HMX-F80 (US model) or HMX-F70 (UK model)?

In fact, according to report, the HMX-F80, HMX-F90, and HMX-F70 are almost identical in specs. All of them features a 5MP F1.8 Schneider lens with 52x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, 720p HD video recording at 30p, One-Touch share button and so on. The only thing I can dig about the difference of the HMX-F90 compared to its predecessor, it comes with a better intelli-zoom, 70x intelli-zoom. Probably, this new camcorder equips a more powerful video processing or a better installed software (not sure).

The release date and pricing
Samsung HMX-F90 HD camcorder is going to hit market in December 2012, near Christmas moment. Due to Samsung likely will makes this camcorder as the replacement of the previous model, perhaps the HMX-F90 will have a same price like the HMX-F80 in around MSRP $149.99. Will we see this camcorder at CES 2013?