Samsung NC110 Pororo Kid Netbook

It’s hard to make kids knowing technology so early, but it’s not that hard. By bringing their lovely icon on the device, like this Samsung NC110 Pororo netbook, the kids surely will more attracted to touch it.

The Pororo netbook comes with cute white body, adding Pororo and his friend on the lid. Inside, it’s powered by an Intel dual core Atom processor and HDMI port. Your kids will love it absolutely, because the Pororo Puzzle and Pororo Drawing games are also there. Probably, it also contains Pororo wallpapers and Pororo screensaver on its 10.1-inch LCD.

Fashioned in only 1.16kg, Samsung NC110 Pororo netbook is expected to hit Korean market in MSRP $455.99. Inbox, you will also receive Pororo wire mouse, Pororo cute laptop bag. It’s for Korean kids only. The Transformer edition netbook for American kids? [Dandy Gadget Source]