Samsung SMX-C10 Compact Digital Camcorder

This Dandy Gadget: I don’t really get it, why big company like Samsung, Sony and others, sometime unveiled two gadgets that has a same specs and design. Like this time, the Samsung SMX-C10 and SMX-C14 digital camcorder, two of them feature a same design as well as technologies that they used. Only because it doesn’t included a 16GB built-in memory, Does he deserve to have  another code name, SMX-C10? I still don’t get it.

I forgot to tell you that both of Samsung SMX-C10 and SMX-C14 digital camcorders can be recharged using both AC adapter or via USB by connect it to your computer. Equipping also several unique feature such as time-lapse recording, and animated thumbnails.

Samsung SMX-C10 digital camcorder will be available at market in July 2009. The price of this device is SMX-C14 – a 16GB built-in memory = still unknown??:D [Dandy Gadget Source]