Scream on Samsung SPH-W7100 Smartphone

This Dandy Gadget: Samsung Korea has listened to the needs of mobile users to translate their wishes into the new phones. An example of this could be this new  mobile phone, Samsung SPH-W7100.

samsung_sph_w7100_cellular_mobile_phoneLooking the image above that pictured hearts logo on the back and soft colors, This device is aimed to women and children. Its main feature is the presence of loud sound. You just need to pull the special ring, and SPH-W7100 will come up with include 100 dB sound, as well as send text messages to five pre-determined number, which will indicate the location of the phone, determined using GPS. Samsung calls this feature SOS. I am halting Samsung’s corespondent in his research, do the women need a loud sound? or the most of correspondents are deaf, sorry, just kidding.

Samsung SPH-W7100 will appear at Korean market next month. It should be noted that this model in December of last year has been certified in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Are you deaf?[Dandy Gadget Source]