Sebastian Vettel’s Infinity FX Crossover Near on Show!

Your dream is nearly no dream anymore. Infinity announced the Sebastian Vettel’s Crossover that was shown at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, is beginning enter the production line. As the company mentioned about low volume production, I’m not so sure what it mean, but it looks like this special version will come in limited edition.

I don’t really care about limited production. As long as I could see this new car on the street, that is enough for me. Please mark “see” not drive! I, myself, will not have any chance to drive it. I’m pretty sure this new Infinity FX Sebastian Vettel version is going to higher than my bank account.  Probably for you, it will be on different direction, right?

I guess this new car will be on road in around Q2 2012. Just wait and hear other stories from Infinity around this new Crossover, ok! [Dandy Gadget Source]