Sharp “ICC PURIOS” LC-60HQ10, 2013 4K2K LCD TV from Sharp!

The big event, CES 2013, is going to be held soon in January 2013. If Sharp has a will to involve in this event, you will have a chance to see their latest 4K2K LCD TV in “ICC PURIOS” family, LC-60HQ10, on stage.

Sharp-ICC-PURIOS-LC-60HQ10-4k2k-LCD-TV-Elegant-Black-Front-Center-Dandy-Gadget-Home-EntertainmentsAccording to the company, this new 4K2K LCD TV is using Integrated Cognitive Creation (ICC) technology to provide a true-precise perspective viewing of landscape and reflection light and new technology on control panel utilizing a unique “Smoothing Algorithm” to push the brightness to its limit, so it can display a near-life image quality. It, still based on the company’s statement, surpassed the standard  master monitor that using in business field. And it also is the world’s first 4K2K LCD TV that having THX certified . Short of, the ICC PURIOS will give you an ultimate pleasure and entertain more with near-life image and sound quality in watching your video, or playing your games on 60-inch wide screen.

In addition, it features WiFi, DLNA, HDMI, HDD recording, USB ports, headphone jack, built-in speakers powered by JEITA sound system, a built-in tuners and so on. Like AQUOS TVs, you can also connect your AQUOS phones to this thing and remote it.

Sharp-ICC-PURIOS-LC-60HQ10-4k2k-LCD-TV-Elegant-Black-Remote-Control-Dandy-Gadget-Home-EntertainmentsThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in sleek design with 137.8(W) x 88.5(H) x 32.6(D) dimension, Sharp “ICC PURIOS” LC-60HQ10 4K2K LCD TV is going to hit Japanese market on February 23, 2013 and followed by other countries after (not sure).  The pricing is 2,625,000 Yen or around $31,349.99. Will it be at CES 2013?