Should I Hypnotize You? Swatch MX001S Hypnotic Heart Necklace Watch

Honestly, I love Heart shape on every crafts. Surely, I like this new Swatch timepiece, MX001S Hypnotic Heart.  It’s a unique watch with twisted black silk cord and Roman numerals hour marks on dial. However, I do not have enough confident to wear it like what Jeremy Scott did.

Why? With 12cm size, this thing is too big for me. It will look like a stranger-big thing clinging on my chest and sucking my spirit from inside, turning my ugly to be the ugliest man on Earth.

This eccentric necklace watch suits only for a street-style fashion supporter, I’m not. For me, I prefer to use this watch as a desk clock than wearing it. At least, its cute design will give a romantic touch to my room.  Plus, I only need to swing the black silk, and ask my client to see the endless white-red circle dial to hypnotize him. See, it could be used also to hypnotize someone. It is “Hypnotic Hearth”, isn’t it?

Featuring Swiss made precision Quartz, Swatch MX001S Hypnotic Heart necklace watch is going to be available in only 777 pieces worldwide in 290.00 Euro. Should I hypnotize you to love this watch? [Dandy Gadget Source]